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The Serving Cup supports opportunities for socializing, networking and sharing resources within the adult special needs population. Our board and volunteers seek to educate, connect and engage with parents and existing and prospective adult residents.

One key way we do this is through our Coffeehouse programs. Coffeehouse programs are presently held in local churches.The Coffeehouse model can easily be replicated in other communities.


Coffeehouse is BACK! We are now in three locations: 

  1. Good Shepherd Lutheran in Raleigh (last Friday of the month) – Contact Cortney Tyson at
  2. Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cary (2nd Friday of the month) – Contact Brenda Peterson at, 919-813-8544
  3. Garner United Methodist Church in Garner (3rd Friday of the month) – Contact Katie at or Tracey at

History of Coffeehouse

The Coffeehouse program began at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Raleigh, NC in October 1997. Known as The Coffeehouse at Good Shepherd, its purpose was to provide an inclusive setting for people of all abilities to meet and mingle and have fun with the entire community. 

While it was started as a way to provide social experiences for adults with special needs, the Coffeehouse program has become much more.  It now creates a bridge between communities and gives everyone in attendance the opportunity to make friends with people outside their usual social circles.  And, it’s lots of fun!

It didn’t take long for The Coffeehouse at Good Shepherd organizers to realize that a lot more could be done to help this community, and The Serving Cup was born in January 2000. 

Similar Coffeehouse programs can be found at two additional locations in North Carolina’s Triangle area:  The Coffeehouse at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cary and The Coffeehouse at Garner United Methodist Church in Garner.

A word from a Cofeehouse Parent

“As usual, our son and all the other people who attended Coffeehouse had a wonderful time last week.  Friday night events have become so important to them and, on their behalf, I want to thank everyone who is responsible for providing entertainment, food, and fun to so many folks month after month…It is such a pleasure to see the ease with which the young people interact with the adults with disabilities.” 

“Please know how happy we are that the Coffeehouses are available and that so many people – people with and without disabilities – are able to participate. Many thanks.”

Start Your Own Coffeehouse

Coffeehouses are a great way to bring people of all abilities together in your community. If you are interested in starting a Coffeehouse in your area, the Serving Cup offers expertise and guidance for getting a new Coffeehouse off the ground.

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