Community Screening Kit

We have created a Community Screening Kit to enable groups and organizations to host their own screenings of the Building Independence documentary film.

The Community Screening Kit includes:

  • Copy of the 36-minute film as a downloadable digital file (High Definition) or on a DVD (Standard Definition). (The DVD price includes $4 shipping fee.)
  • Discussion Guide
  • Step-by-step guide to hosting a successful event
  • Promotional image you can use to advertise the screening
  • Opportunity to have a representative from The Serving Cup attend your screening to answer questions and lead discussion. (This is not guaranteed and is dependent on schedule and location of screening.)
  • Public Performance License or Educational License. The Public Performance License allows you to show the film in a public space to any group or organization. The Educational License allows you to show the film in classrooms or add it to your library’s collection.

If your organization can not afford the screening kit, please contact us to discuss and we will work something out.

Format for movie


If you simply want to watch the film on your personal device (not with other people), you can buy a digital copy of the film for $4.99 at