Individuals & Families

The Serving Cup is dedicated to supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) both here in our home state, but also in communities across the country.  

What is supported independent living? Will it work for our family?

 I might want to live independently with a little bit of support, but I’m not sure exactly what that means. Am I ready? I want to learn more.

As a parent, I am intrigued about this supported, independent living thing you’re doing. Is that right for our family? Who runs these places? Are they safe? What do they cost? Is there room for my adult child?

I heard that The Serving Cup has had some success with supported, independent living projects. How did you pull it off? Can I find (or build) one near me? 

We aim to provide resources to help you discern if Supportive Independent Living is right for you or the adult with Intellectual and developmental disabilities in your life.

We’d love to talk with you.  Please fill out the Contact Form so we can be in touch.