About The Coffeehouse


The Coffeehouse is an evening for entertainment, snacks, social interaction and networking. On certain Fridays of almost every month from 7 – 9pm, an empty space is transformed into a coffeehouse ambiance with round tables and checkered cloths, soft lighting and a relaxed atmosphere. December features a shared dinner for all Wake County Coffeehouses.

ch003_175x140 Musicians entertain in a variety of formats from sing-along to karaoke, gospel to country, jazz to folk music. Attendees are invited to participate in song or relax and enjoy. Light snacks are served and conversation is always the prime ingredient as people come to make new friends, see old ones, share experiences and be entertained. The average attendance at a Coffeehouse event has grown to 100 people and has often swelled to upwards of 200 people of all abilities.

History of the Coffeehouse

chbw_250x138 The Serving Cup began the Coffeehouse program in October 1997, with the aim of expanding the opportunity for social interaction and fellowship between adults of all abilities. Its purpose was to provide an inclusive setting for all, including developmentally disabled adults, to meet and mingle and have fun with the entire community. The success of the Coffeehouse led its founders to realize there was a great unmet need among the developmentally disabled participants in the Coffeehouse for some essentials such as social interaction, housing, employment opportunities, and transportation.

Words from Coffeehouse Attendees: what people are saying about the Coffeehouse

Please know how happy we are that the coffee houses are available and that so many people – people with and without disabilities – are able to participate.

“As usual, our son and all the other people who attended Coffee House at Good Shepherd had a wonderful time last week. I say ‘as usual’ because the friday night events have become so important to them and, on their behalf, I want to thank everyone who is responsible for providing entertainment, food, and fun to so many folks month after month…It is such a pleasure to see the ease with which the young people interact with the adults with disabilities. Obviously, they have learned by the examples of you, your staff and the generous volunteers who make Coffee House possible… Please know how happy we are that the coffee houses are available and that so many people – people with and without disabilities – are able to participate. Many thanks.” – Anonymous Coffeehouse attendee “Our whole family had a blast at Coffeehouse, and we are really thankful for this ministry. There are not that many ministries that we can do with our whole family, but this is one!” – The Trimmer Family

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Locations and Directions

Download printable directions to Good Shepherd and Resurrection:

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Coffeehouse Video

Watch a short video about the first Coffeehouse, at Good Shepherd:

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Start Your own Coffeehouse

ch006_150x120 Coffeehouses are a great way to bring people of all abilities together in your community. If you are interested in starting a Coffeehouse in your area, the Serving Cup offers expertise and guidance for getting a new Coffeehouse off the ground. Below, download the first several pages from our comprehensive Coffeehouse Manual, and contact us (email info@servingcup.org) for more information!   Download a portion of the Coffeehouse Manual:

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